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5 reasons why Wedding Videography shouldn’t be a luxury

You’ve got engaged. Congratulations 🙂 You’ve started planning your wedding and maybe you’re thinking of hiring a wedding videographer? Now, we would say that you should book one, but here are 5 reasons we believe it is a necessity for your big day and not a luxury.

1. You can relive the moments over and over again

Your wedding day will be over in a flash. Over time the memories you do have will start to fade. You have only two things to take away from your wedding day to preserve those memories. Photography and Film. Having all the key moments and atmosphere of your day captured on film will allow you to relive them over and over in the years to come. Your wedding anniversary will take on new meaning if you can sit down and watch your wedding film and relive the day. But, we hear you say, “you’ll never watch it”. Well this is a very old misconception mainly down to the old days of wedding videography of dull, long films lasting hours. Nowadays your wedding videographer will create a short film that is easy to watch and tells a story of your wedding day. Let us say, you *will* rewatch it.

2. You can easily share the video with people who couldn’t make it

As you’re going through this blog, as you go through our website, facebook, instagram. You’re seeing and watching loads of wedding videos. From short teaser films, to highlights to feature films, you can share your wedding film with anyone you want. How precious would it be to allow people who couldn’t share the day with you in person, due to illness, distance or any other reason, to be able to share the day with you, To see the kiss, to hear the vows, watch the speeches. This is literally *priceless*. This is especially true if you’re booking a destination wedding.

3. Photography can not capture everything – sound and vision

We believe you should invest a large percentage of your wedding budget in two things, photography and videography, as these are the only two things you book that’ll give you any memories of your day. But both are different. We hear couples say they don’t need a videographer as they’ve got a photographer. Well, your photographer can’t capture your vows, the speeches, the emotional moments in full. They capture only snapshots of those moments and certainly don’t capture what you or others say. Will a wedding photograph of your Dads speech actually allow you to hear the speech in years to come, to listen to his voice? No it won’t. Your photographer will capture great stills of your guests and family enjoying the day, their reactions and the moments, but they won’t capture the overall atmosphere your wedding film will.

4. You’re creating a family heirloom

And for us this is the most important reason you should have your day filmed. To pass on to future generations and any family you may have. Can you imagine what it would be like to watch the wedding day of your parents or grandparents, to see people you may only have vague memories of and to hear them say their vows on the most important day of their lives? This is what getting a wedding film will give you and your family. Don’t think of it as an extra expense on your day, think of it as investing in priceless memories for the future.

5. It is a Bride’s biggest regret

Time after time, Bridal Magazines do surveys asking “What do you wish you’d had on your wedding day?”. Guess what comes out top? A wedding videographer. We also hear this when we speak to couples who book us. They tell us friends or family members didn’t invest in wedding videography and regretted it. But still, why should you actually book a professional to film your wedding day?

Many of our Brides tell us that we were the best investment they made for their wedding. Listen to what they say and book yourself a wedding videographer. We’d love it to be us and if you’d like to talk about your wedding plans, please GET IN TOUCH.

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