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5 tips to get a great wedding video

You’ve got engaged and you’re planning your wedding day. You want the perfect wedding film (and photos) to remember your big day by. So here are 5 tips to help get the best wedding video you can get.

Find a style you like and book a videographer who offers that

There are numerous different styles of wedding video. From music video style with no audio involved, to short film style that tells a story using audio, to long edits lasting an hour or more. Find the style you’d like for your wedding film then find a videographer who offers that style.

Choosing your getting ready location …

Are you getting ready at the venue, your house or a parents house? While the location itself isn’t the key thing, how practical is it? Where you choose, is there enough room for the wedding party, the photographer and the videographer? How far is this from the wedding venue and have you planned that journey time into your day? How is the lighting in the room, it needs good natural light, you really don’t want to be stuck in a room that only has horrid yellow/orange lights and your make-up artist won’t appreciate this either. One final point is to look to keep the room tidy. You’ll have times your photographer and videographer are turning up, so assign a task to your wedding party to tidy it up before this time, you really don’t want that half eaten English Breakfast in the back of the shots!

Be natural on your wedding day – don’t pose or look at the camera

While your photographer may like to pose some shots, for your film, a natural and relaxed look is much better. We say just be yourselves in your couple moments and don’t play up for the camera and specifically don’t look down the lens, honestly, it looks really strange when you watch it back! 

Think about your stories

If you really love the storytelling style films that use audio from the speeches and ceremony then you need to think about your stories! If you’re having a civil ceremony, using personal vows written by yourself or a specialist can really add something extra to your ceremony and your film. For the speeches, think about telling little stories. The Groom can talk about how he met his partner, the engagement, first dates and so on. The other speakers can talk about their relationship with the couple. For example, the Father of the Bride can tell some stories about his daughter’s childhood and growing up and how he first met the Groom.

Include some time in your timeline for filming (and photos)

Your alone time moments make for some amazing parts of your film (and your photos), so make sure that you schedule a good 10-15 minutes into your day for these. If you expect a sunset on your wedding day, think about having some free time around sunset to get some really amazing images.

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/qXHjl7M84fU

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