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5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Easier

Planning your wedding? We’ve got 5 tips to make your wedding day easier.

Find suppliers you get along with and trust

It’s the biggest day of your life and you want to know things will go smoothly. So when choosing your suppliers, find people you want to work with. Look for referrals and recommendations from other suppliers, friends and family. Check out feedback on who you are booking and look to chat with them as well before booking.

Keep locations to a minimum

Look at keeping your number of locations to a minimum. Do you need to get ready in one place, ceremony in another, reception in another? Could you have your whole day in one location, it makes it easier for everyone not to have to travel around and could cut hours out of your timeline to allow for a later start and more time to relax.

Create a timeline for the day

Setup a timeline for your day with the key events. When should you be starting getting ready? When do you need to be in your dress and suits by? Have you taken travel times into account, including unforeseen delays? Don’t stress over hitting every minute though, just a good idea will do and then consider a toastmaster to keep things on track. They really are worth having. Oh and we’d recommend telling everyone doing a speech to keep it to 10 minutes, these can really run out of control if you suddenly have 3 people doing 30 minutes each especially if they are before the meal and your food is all going cold!

Consider going Unplugged

You’ve booked a photographer and a videographer for your day, so consider having at least the wedding ceremony as unplugged. This means asking all your guests to turn off their phones and not take photos. It’ll allow your guests to actually be in the moment of the ceremony and your photo and video teams can get the best shots without having to worry about Aunty Jane with her camera suddenly deciding the middle of the aisle is the best place to stand as you walk down it after being married.

Allocate jobs to key members of your bride/groom parties

It’s a great idea to get your wedding party involved to keep things looking neat and to keep things ticking over. For example the bride could allocate her Bridesmaids to make sure the room in the morning where everyone is getting ready is all tidy before the photographer and videographer arrive. The Groom can allocate the best man or a groomsman to find people for the family photo session.

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