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Charlotte + Paul // Ashton Memorial Wedding Film

Charlotte & Paul celebrated their big day at Ashton Memorial in Lancaster before a quick drive over to Over Wyresdale and a lovely family and friends reception at the Parish Hall.

Why did you choose Ashton Memorial for your wedding?

We both weren’t bothered about a church so we decided we didn’t want a church wedding. We wanted to be married with our family and friends around us. That was our priority. My friend Nicola (the florist) has done a few weddings at Ashton Memorial and I had always thought it was a beautiful building to get married in. Paul was happy to go along with it as he always does. We are both local to Abbeystead and wanted the local countryside to play a big part in our day. The views at Abbeystead are gorgeous and we couldn’t think of a better backdrop for our special day. We are confident our guests are going to love the setting as much as we do. We are both country people at heart. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

You guys – what do you do, what is important in life? etc…

Charlotte – part-time primary teacher. Paul – Farmer. We run Charlotte’s family farm so that comes priority over every other job that we do. We run a flock of sheep and beef cows with our faithful labrador, Max, ever at our side. We believe happiness is the most important thing in life. If you aren’t happy in what you do, why do it? We take pride in our work and strive to be the best we can in all we do. Our work takes up all our spare time so you have to love what you’re doing to make it feel less like work! Supporting each other is a massive part of every relationship and it has worked well for us so far! We’re both happy to go along with what the other wants to do. We’re both sociable creatures and have some great friends. It was our friends that got us together! Our family and friends are playing a huge part in our wedding. All pulling together and using their skills to create a very personal wedding for us.

How did you meet? What was the first date?

We met at The Fleece Inn. Our local pub. Charlotte worked behind the bar when she was a student and Paul used to come in for a pint after work with his mates. Monday nights became a regular drinking night. These nights often got out of hand and Charlotte nearly always had to take us all home when she locked up. It’s a good job we all lived within a mile of each other! She didn’t realise I was trying to chat her up! It cost me a fortune in pints and Tuesdays were never a productive day at work! We began a ‘bake off’ where Paul actually baked a jam sponge from scratch to try and win me over! (I’ve never lived it down that I cheated with a packet chocolate cake mix!) This worked a treat and I can’t believe he didn’t think of it sooner given I have a massive sweet tooth! Not long after this Charlotte qualified as a teacher and became a customer rather than the barmaid. We started going out as a group and eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her out for tea. We went to the Castle Gardens in Poulton. The rest is history.

The Proposal … tell me everything … even the soppy stuff

The first proposal was meant to be on our anniversary in the April. Paul had been adamant he wanted to take me out for a meal. However one of my friends actually predicted he was going to do it at a party the week before so Paul changed his mind! He then decided he would propose on my birthday in September. While I was out, he pulled all my rings out of my jewellery box and tried to work out my size using a ring size guide he’d printed off the internet. Every single ring was a different size!! He went with a rough guess (which wasn’t bad as he was only 1 size out!) and ordered my ring. The ring was to be delivered to the farm by special delivery. This did not go to plan when the driver had arrived at the farm and spoke to Charlotte’s brother, Tom, who had confirmed he knew me and the driver had just handed the package over without another question asked! Tom thought it was just a bike part and chucked it into his car boot and drove off with it! I then had to turn up home with just a pot plant and the promise that her present would come – it had just been a bit delayed. She was not very impressed. I had asked for a new coat for my birthday. I could not work out why it was becoming such a saga just to buy me a coat. A week went by and no coat had arrived. I was beginning to feel a bit cheesed off to be honest. Behind the scenes Paul was trying to casually get the package back from my brother without raising any suspicion! On the Friday after my birthday, we had planned to go to the Blackpool firework competition. I was just putting the washing on the drying rack when Paul asked me to come into the living room because my present had arrived. Given that I had already waited a week I told him I’d be there in a minute, completely unaware of what he was actually up to! I got a very curt reply that “the washing can wait. Come here!” I came in to Paul standing in the middle of the living room with the box in his hand. I can’t say it was romantic because I asked him if he was going to do it properly! He finally knelt down and popped the question. The boy had done good with the ring. It was beautiful. He even bought me a coat to go with it :-p

Why do you want your day filmed? Why is it important?

We want to be able to capture a moment in time. Where everyone who matters to us are around us and we can watch the video back and see everyone at their best. We’ve been told that the day will fly by in a blur and we want to be able to watch the event back and soak in all the little things that will go unnoticed on the day itself. In the future people will pass on but the film of the day will allow them to live on in a special memory. It’s something we can show our children and grandchildren one day.

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