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Do I Need a Videographer at my Wedding?

While we can’t answer this question for you, we can help guide your decision and ask you some questions that may just make you think “do I need a videographer at my wedding?”

We know our friends, relatives and parents won’t be with us forever. How would it feel to hear your parents voices as you’re getting ready in the morning and as your Dad sees you in the dress for the first time. 

How about your vows and the commitment of love to your partner. That moment and the moments around it, that can’t possibly be captured by a single photo.

How precious would it be to be able to relive your dad talking about you in his speech and how proud and happy he is of you. To hear what you said about your new partner and even what the bestman said!

Video isn’t just a way to let you relive all these moments, how about friends and family who couldn’t make the day, who can share in it and experience it by watching your wedding film.

If you’ve decided to book a video and have an amazing heirloom for you and your family, then it’s as easy as dropping over a message to check we’re still available for your date, having a chat about your day then signing your contract and paying your booking fee. 

Whether you decide to book us or another wedding videographer, we hope this video helps you make that decision. Thanks for watching.

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/KY6hFFAG3Xs

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