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Hope & Duncan // West Tower Wedding Film

Hope and Duncan celebrated their big day with a West Tower wedding after getting married at their local church, St Luke’s in Formby. It was great to work with Ian MacMichael on photography, The Flower Barn (florist), B The Bride (hairdresser) & Abbi Penketh (makeup).

Why did you choose the West Tower and St Luke’s?

We fell in love with West Tower the first time we went to see it, it was just a step above everything else and felt “right”. The church was Hope’s family church with lots of sentimental value.

How did you meet? What was the first date?

We met in high school, where Hope was the impossibly pretty blonde and I was the IT nerd who ended friend-zoned (for a few years)! Our first date was a slightly awkward dinner at Bella Italia, where we didn’t yet know whether we’d work as more than friends!

The Proposal … tell me everything … even the soppy stuff

1 year in the making, I recorded part of a message (almost) every day, then gave her the video at the end of a scavenger hunt in Australia, then proposed on the beach (there’s a video – it’s a little long – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luLsPMsnkZI)

What advice would you give to any couple planning their wedding day?

Start early, you can do 80% of it a year or more out, and even then you’ll end up with too much to do and no time to do it! Also, don’t forget to set time aside before the wedding for just the two of you, it’s easy to get bogged down and spend 100% of your time together in “wedding mode”.

Why did you choose us to film your AMAZING DAY?

We loved your trailers, and in the end, you were one of the few who would shoot it all in 4K AND bring a drone.

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