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Jade + Mark // Peckforton Castle Wedding Film

Why did you choose a Peckforton Castle wedding?

Peckforton Castle wasn’t somewhere we planned from the beginning. A few months after coming back from our cruise where we got engaged, we decided to start looking at venues. As we are not too religious we weren’t bothered too much about a church and also then having to travel onto a different reception venue. So we thought let’s have a civil ceremony where we can get married and the reception be together on the same site. We started looking around Lancashire – going to Preston, Blackburn, Ribble, and surrounding areas but didn’t see anything that we loved. My sister suggested venturing into Cheshire, a place neither of us know particularly well and we thought why not. One afternoon we’d been to a couple of venues, and then Mark saw a sign for Peckforton Castle. He knew of someone he went to school with but no longer kept in touch with (the powers of Facebook) and he’d seen some photos of their big day and thought it looked amazing. So we decided to check out Peckforton and we couldn’t believe our eyes. The actual drive from the main road through the small roads towards the venue, where you reach the big oak tree to turn into the Castle grounds, then up the lane through the forest towards the castle is completely magical. Then once you reach the castle you cannot fail to be impressed with its stature and grandeur. We were in total amazement!! They had rooms that could cater for our guests (approx. 100) but not too big so that they are big empty spaces. Each room in the Castle is individual and has it’s own decoration albeit in the same theme. We love the layout and all the quirky features. Also the fact there was a chapel meant that Mark could have a blessing which even though we aren’t religious still means something to him and his family. Every time since and even now when we visit Peckforton we feel amazed, very special and very lucky to be getting married here. Not many of our guests have seen the venue in person so we can’t wait to see their reaction and for you to capture it along with the very many memories we will make on the big day.

The Proposal … tell me everything … even the soppy stuff

We had decided around October 2015 to book a cruise around Asia and did so for February 2016. It was with Celebrity cruises on the Millennium ship. We flew from London, spent one night in Singapore and then boarded the ship the morning of 14th Feb, St Valentine’s Day. Mark had treated me to some gifts that day and had our cabin suite decorated for Valentine’s with strawberries, champagne and a cake. After spending that evening enjoying the highlights of the city we returned to the ship. We agreed to get changed in our cabin and then go downstairs for drinks in the bar. Having returned to the cabin, unexpectedly and to my surprise Mark got down on one knee and proposed, and of course, I said yes! I had no idea whatsoever but we were both so happy. We then spent the night celebrating with people on the ship, after calling our families and friends who were so pleased!! We then cruised around Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong which was incredible.

You guys – what do you do, what is important in live? etc…

Mark is 33 years old and works for Oldham Council as a Selective Licensing Officer. Previous to that he worked at Bury Council and Blackpool Council in Planning Enforcement. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Planning. He is a typical guy who likes to socialise, enjoys football (Manchester United), music (rap) and films (of course!). Whilst I am 25 years old and work as a Theatre Nurse at Fairfield Hospital in Bury. I have just recently started as I have finished a 3 year Adult Nursing course at the University of Salford (graduation to come in July). We have similar interests albeit for the rap music as I prefer chart music and 80s tunes. Both of us have a good friend base and like to spend as much time with them. More importantly we spend a lot of time with our families (most weekends we see some form of family). Mark’s family is quite small as only one younger sister and no grandparents. He has an Uncle who is coming to the wedding too. Whilst my family is large as I am the youngest with an older brother and sister. Plus I have 3 nieces (15 yrs old, 4 years old and 18 months old belonging to my sister, who is married). In life it is important for us to spend time together, time with family and also with friends. We work hard in our jobs during the week then relax at weekends together socialising with others. We like to get out of the house as well and go out for food and drinks.

What experience do you want your guests to have on the day?

We want our guests to ENJOY, relax, have fun. They should feel comfortable at Peckforton after that initial wow factor. We want them to experience our wedding in full: cry at ceremonies before celebrating, cheers at our celebratory drink at the reception, laugh out loud at the speeches and enjoy a beautiful meal with plenty of drinks. Our family and friends are exactly like us in that they are laid back so everyone will get on together and make the most of the day into the evening. Afterwards our evening guests will join to watch us cut the cake with a Sword, do our planned first dance, jive along to the songs by the band, and finally dance the night away.

Why do you want your day filmed? Why is it important?

We want our day filmed because it is our perfect day when we enter marriage together which is the next step in our lives. We have been together for the past 6 and 1/2 years. We started off living in separate towns for 2 years, then Mark moved back to Bury (where he grew up and always wanted to come back to). Then we spent time living with our parents for the next 18 months before we finally moved in December 2015. Mark proposed on Valentine’s Day 14th February 2016 in Singapore and then we chose our wedding venue that Autumn at Peckforton Castle. Since then we have been planning our big day and simply cannot wait!! Very exciting and not long to go!! Mark and I have similar families and similar backgrounds. Whilst neither of our families are particularly religious we do see the values of marriage and the symbolisation of the rings that you we are entering into a bond for the rest of our lives to spend it together, love, honour and obey each other. Marriage is the next stage in our relationship and we hope that children will follow. We aim to have a family of 2 or 3 children, then grandchildren and grow old together hand in hand. We have photographers for our wedding who will capture specific shots during our day, but it was extremely important to us to have videographers too. As this day has been building and we’ve been planning it for so long we know that it will be over in no time. We will be so immersed in the day and each other that we won’t see the whole day as the guests see it. To have our wedding filmed and to capture moments between us which they see and also the venue, the ceremony and the interactions between the guests makes it such a necessity to have it filmed. Also Mark’s grandparents passed away in the past 18 months, and it has made us realise how important it is to capture moments together with our family. For you to be able to film these then in the future when some of our family is no longer with us, or they’ve grown up we can always look back on what you’ve captured as amazing memories. Plus when we grow older we can show our children and grandchildren, keeping these memories alive forever.

Why did you choose In Love Wedding Films?

Approx 18 months ago we were scheduled to go to a Wedding fair at Manchester Central (formerly GMEX) to specifically look at photographers and videographers, but at the last minute I couldn’t get it off work so Mark ended up going with his mother. It was slightly embarrassing for Mark as a lot fo the stallholders thought his mother was his bride-to-be ha! But it was at that event that he met you. He was very impressed with you and your stall, as you were knowledgeable, friendly and recognised he was with his mum!! After the event Mark explained all about In Love Wedding Films and we had a good look at your website and the videos you’d created. We were amazed by the way that the videos were shot, the style, the clarity and the way you put the films together. We instantly loved them and arranged to meet you. Then we met up with you at The Village Hotel in Bury for a coffee. We instantly found you easy to get on with, very friendly and knowledgeable about your work. We feel that you will capture our day as we want, but through your artistic direction, vision and your skills.

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