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Leanne + Nick // Staining Lodge Wedding Film

Leanne and Nick celebrated their big day with friends and family at the Glasshouse, Staining Lodge after a ceremony at the beautiful St Anne’s in Singleton.

Why did you choose the Glasshouse at Staining Lodge for your venue?
We went to staining lodge for an engagement party as our first official outing as a couple, go regularly for breakfast and family meals out and when they showed us the plans for the new glass house we knew it was the one. The views of the golf course are amazing.

The Proposal … tell me everything … even the soppy stuff
One of our favourite things to do is eat fish and chips, and we frequently go to Bispham near Blackpool to a restaurant there then walk on the promenade after and watch the sea. Nick suggested this as a date night but it was raining so I thought it was strange, he then tried to take me on the promenade in the rain which I protested but he made me kicking and screaming and got down on one knee on the promenade in the rain. We were both laughing and drenched and a man walked past and thought we were mad! I think he had a romantic sunset in mind ?

You guys – what do you do, what is important in life? etc…
We are both Physiotherapists, it’s how we met and we love our jobs. The most important thing in our life now is Jessica, our pride and joy. Prior to her we think we used to love the cinema and eating out a lot! We love mini breaks and coffee dates. Nick is a huge basketball fan and I tag along for the ride as I prefer my netball!

How did you meet? What was the first date?
I was Nick’s boss at Blackpool Victoria Hospital haha. We met up a few times after we’d stopped working together for a ‘catch up’ and things progressed from there, our first official date was at the cinema to see Inception.

What experience do you want your guests to have on the day?
We wanted a big family and friends get together, good views, good food and drink and lots of laughs and memories made.

Why do you want your day filmed? Why is it important? and why did you choose In Love Wedding Films?
You filmed Nick’s sister Louisa’s wedding and seeing the trailer made me cry. It captures all the extra looks and moments of the day that photographs can’t and we want Jessica to be able to watch it when she’s older and see that she was at Mummy and Daddy’s wedding.

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