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Leanne & Todd // Astley Bank Wedding Film

Why did you pick Astley Bank as your wedding venue and what makes it special to you?

A lot of natural light and neutral decor. It is also a very intimate venue which would ensure everyone could be close together at all times.

How did you meet each other?

We met through mutual friends when we were 12 at secondary school – we went to different schools but caught the same bus home as we lived in the same area. During a Saturday night out with friends when we were 14, Todd kissed Leanne – though Leanne denied this happened😂. We reconnected years later whilst Leanne was at uni and went on an informal date not expecting anything to come of it and became inseparable ever since.

How about the proposal? Tell us everything!

Todd bought a ring and asked Leanne’s mum and stepdad’s permission. We were going on holiday to a quiet and secluded part of Majorca and Todd had planned to propose on the 3rd night of the holiday at a very posh restaurant which he had booked. The first night, we had picked out a casual restaurant on the coast which he liked the look of but he had no original plans to propose on the first night. As a last minute decision, in the lift on the way to the restaurant, Todd ran back to the room saying he had forgotten his phone. Todd returned to the lift having hid the ring down the front of his shorts in a sock and ensured Leanne walked ahead of him so not to see the box. We had dinner at the coastal restaurant and as we were leaving Todd went to the toilet to put the ring in his back pocket and again ensured I walked ahead. Todd took Leanne to a quiet jetty overlooking the bay and got down on one knee and asked Leanne to marry him. It was completely pitch black and Leanne couldn’t actually make out what the ring looked like but cried the whole time and continued to ask him ‘what are you doing?’. We’re still not sure Leanne actually said yes 😂 we never did go to the posh restaurant.

If you could describe each other in 5 words … what would these words be?

Todd about Leanne- Beautiful, witty, empathetic (cries at films a lot), strong willed, wild. Leanne about Todd – kind, hilarious, intelligent, eternally young at heart, strong.

How do you think your partner makes you better?

Todd about Leanne – she pushes me to be the best version of myself. She reminds me never to settle for second best. Leanne about Todd – he always brings out my fun side. He reminds me that there’s more to life than responsibilities. He helps me to remember what’s really important and how to enjoy life to the full.

Are there any activities or hobbies you enjoy?

Travelling, holidays, city breaks at Christmas time. Playing a variety of sports – both always been very sporty. Music. Both BIG fans of Oasis. Going to concerts. Going out eating/drinking/dancing.

What are your favourite films?

American Pie (we both LOVE the soundtrack and films) About Time (Leanne’s entrance soundtrack song) Forrest Gump Leanne LOVES Disney The Departed Stepbrothers Greenbook Biographical films

In terms of style, look and feel … how would you summarise your wedding?

Timeless. Intimate. Elegant. Stylish.

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