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Nathalie & Gareth // Eaves Hall Wedding Film

Why did you choose to have your big day at Eaves Hall?

Eaves Hall is a stunning venue – both in terms of the building and the extensive gardens. The exclusivity on the day was perfect to us to allow us to share the intimate day with our nearest and dearest in such wonderful surroundings.

Why do you want your day filmed and why did you choose In Love Wedding Films?

We wanted it to be filmed to see the wedding as our guests see it. We will only see a fraction of the day ourselves and it will be great to see how others enjoyed the day. It will also give us something to watch and look back on in the many years to come with happy memories. There will be no greater keepsake! A number of people recommended us to In Love Wedding Films and having watched the examples of your work, it was simply a no brainer. Also, having met and spoken to you at wedding fairs, it was clear to us that we wanted you to film our wedding (the free popcorn did, however, seal the deal!)

You guys – what do you do, what is important in life? etc…

Nathalie is a teacher and Sixth Form Head of Year at a local school / sixth form and Gareth is a solicitor at a Manchester Law firm. We value quality time together, with plenty of laughter, helped by our shared love of comedy. Our relationship is built on trust and support for one another particularly in the most stressful times – which is also assisted by the trusted gin and ale! Of course, family and friends are extremely important to us both and lots of time is spent with them.

How did you meet? What was the first date?

We met at Lancaster University during our first year. Our first encounters were, funnily enough, across a pool table in the student common room in our college! From there, Nathalie plucked up the courage to approach Gareth on an Easter pool social whilst dressed as an Easter bunny, carrot n’ all. A date to Manchester followed during the Easter Holidays before a return to University saw us spend the majority of the summer term together with numerous dates and trips out.

The Proposal … tell me everything … even the soppy stuff

As a child, Nathalie used to have some of her Christmas presents hidden around the house so she had to hunt for them. On Christmas day 2015, Nathalie was given all but one of her presents. The final one was just an envelope. In that envelope was a clue… her last present was hidden and she had to find it! The clues led her around the house until the last clue suggested she may not have looked under the tree properly. Rather than simply peer under the tree, in her excitement Nathalie fully clambered under the tree and declared that there was nothing there. As she crawled back out and turned around, Gareth was bent down on one knee with her final present in a small box… all she had to do was say yes and fortunately she did.

What experience do you want your guests to have on the day?

We want our guests to have fun and enjoy sharing the day with us! We hope that there will be lots of laughter and memories to last a lifetime

Nathalie and Gareth would also love to thank (and we found it great working with) DJ Archer Photography, the staff at Eaves Hall, St Paul’s Church in Adlington, Flowers by Helen Claire and the Blackrod Cake Company.

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