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Sammy & Aaron // Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Film

Why did you pick Sandhole Oak Barn as your wedding venue and what makes it special to you?

I did not want a generic wedding and always loved the idea of shabby chic. When I walked into the barn at Sandhole it just felt perfect. It was meant to be a fairly small and informal day and although the informal and fun is still top of the agenda. The dice and complexity has gotten a little out of control (I mean, a carousel, really? I’m pretending it’s for the kids 😊).

How did you meet each other?

We met on the Kiwi Experience bus in Auckland and travelled around New Zealand together for about three weeks. It’s the most free and happy I have ever felt.

How about the proposal? Tell us everything!

We went to Kirkby Lonsdale did the weekend, at the end of last August. We took a hot air balloon ride and Aaron proposed. It couldn’t not have been any more romantic 🥰

If you could describe each other in 5 words … what would these words be?

Aaron about Sammy – Beautiful, sexy, caring, smart and silly Sammy about Aaron – Smart, sweet, gorgeous, thoughtful and fun

How do you think your partner makes you better?

Aaron keeps my grounded , lifts my confidence and teaches me something new everyday. I’m sure Sammy makes me better but I’m not sure how.

Are there any activities or hobbies you enjoy?

Aaron is into fishing and WW2 battle reenactments) . Sammy likes arty stuff and going out for tea with friends. Together we enjoy. Hanging out with Nia, dads night (doing something fun and new I.e. crazy golf, going to Chill Factor and Go Ape) and travelling.

What are your favourite films?

Aaron is a movie buff and likes loads of different movies (including good war films, Marvel stuff and OLD Star Wars. He is highly critical about holes in plot lines etc and it goes right over my head. I can sit at a laptop for hours but really struggle to concentrate when watching movies (I need adverts 🙈). I like feel good stuff (so Disney fun, the Greatest Showman etc) but do like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy quite a lot.

What part of the wedding event is the most important to you?

The people. There are lots of bells and whistles but the wedding would be as good if you got the same people in a fiend with a picnic.

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