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Sarah & Luke // Colshaw Hall Wedding Film

Why did you pick Colshaw Hall and what makes it special to you?

We thought Colshaw Hall was a lovely country venue and had a secluded and personable feel to it. We’re going for a subtle art deco vibe and the venue worked really well for this theme.

How did you meet each other?

We met at Luke’s friend’s birthday in Liverpool.

How about the proposal? Tell us everything!

We both went to Paris on a city break for 4 days. Sarah was convinced that a proposal was going to happen on this trip. We went to loads of touristy/romantic spots and they were all potential places for a proposal to be made. I kept Sarah waiting until the last night to take her to the Sacre Couer at the Montmartre. At this point Sarah thought that it wasn’t going to happen, however I bent the knee with the view of the Eiffel tower and the entire city behind us lit up at night. And of course she said yes!

If you could describe each other in 5 words … what would these words be?

Luke (as described by Sarah) = Kind, Handsome, Thoughtful, Sweet, Mischievous / Sarah (as described by Luke) = Kind, Generous, Beautiful, Lovely, Daft!

How do you think your partner makes you better?

Our personalities and sense of humour are very similar so we are best friends as well as fiancees. We have different aspects of our lives that each of us is better at and therefore we work very well as a team. Sarah feels that Luke has helped her to become more worldly for example. Luke feels that Sarah has helped him to become more outgoing and sociable and generally more organised!

Are there any activities or hobbies you enjoy?

We both enjoy fine dining, travelling and spending time with friends.

What part of the wedding event is the most important to you?

The vows of course, but also ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves at the reception!

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